You Can Already Pre-Order a Charging Stand for the Apple Watch

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're not going to be seeing the Apple Watch until next year, but you can already go out and pre-order yourself some gadgets to supplement your purchase when you inevitably make it. One of note is this swanky looking charging stand.

As we already know the Apple Watch won't be charged in the conventional means, it'll be charged by a very big magnet that attaches to the back of the thing. The fact that this is much less fiddly means that people designing stands don't have to worry about compensating for having to plug the watch in, resulting in stands that can be relatively sleek and minimalist. As they should be.

This stand from Dodocase is made from California Orchard Walnut, as well as having a groove to keep the charger's wire under controls, and a suction cup so it'll stay in place. It'll be released sometime in 2015 and is estimated to cost between $60-$80 (£37-£50). Pre-ordering will cost you a $5 (£3) deposit. This is just the stand, however, it doesn't come with an Apple Watch charger. [Dodocase via Ubergizmo]