You Can Now Design Your Own Moto X With the UK Moto Maker

By Gerald Lynch on at

You can't buy the Moto X in the UK yet, but you can go ahead and design a personalised one to your exacting specifications. Motorola has opened up its Moto Maker customisation service in the UK, following hot on the heels of the announcement that it will now sell its wares direct to UK consumers too.

Looking at the Moto X, you'll have a choice of finishes, cases, colours and storage, with the phone starting at £419.99 at its most basic configuration. You'll need to cough up an extra £40 for 32GB of storage space (there's no microSD expansion, remember?), while UK tinkerers get a (£20) new leather finish, in addition to adding metallic details to the volume buttons, Motorola logo and speaker grilles.

As you can't get the Moto X in the UK yet, Motorola is instead letting those playing with its Moto Maker email their configuration to themselves, ready to be bought ahead of its eventual sale date later this month. [Motorola]