You Can Now Send a Netflix Recommendation to a Friend in a Facebook Message

By Leslie Horn on at

Netflix indecision is the worst, so from time to time you'll ask your friends what they're watching. And then you forget what they told you and you're back at square one. Now Netflix is making your life easier, by letting you recommend a show or movie to a friend directly from Netflix in a Facebook message.

You've been able to connect Netflix and Facebook for a while now, but this gets more specific by letting you target a particular friend or group of friends after you've watched something you think they'd like. Know someone you think would just love Scandal? Send 'em a Facebook message. Think your mum would enjoy Orange Is the New Black? Facebook her. You can add a note along with your recommendation, and it won't post on your Facebook profile or your friend's profile either. And you don't even have to leave Netflix — or your sofa for that matter — to do so. [Mashable via Netflix]