1,000 Free Public Wi-Fi Zones Will Fill the UK With "SuperConnected Cities"

By Gerald Lynch on at

A cash injection of £150 million from the government is going to turn 1,000 public buildings into free-to-use Wi-Fi hotspots, as the "digital economy" goal to boost the UK's number of "SuperConnected Cities" kicks into gear. Who needs a data plan?

Aberdeen, Belfast, Brighton and Hove, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Derby, Derry, Edinburgh, Leeds and Bradford, London, Manchester, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth and Salford will all be getting funding to implement the Wi-Fi zones. The first spots getting public access internet will be libraries, museums and civic centres. While some hotspots have already been switched on, the final roll-out is to be completed by March 2015. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: Wi-Fi Zone from Shutterstock