A Man Has Been Banned from 35,000 London Pubs and Bars

By Gerald Lynch on at

The most extreme Asbo of all time? This certainly beats hoodies being banned from a Lidl car park. Rodney Williams, 34, has been handed an Asbo from the courts that bans him from every bar, club or pub in London. That's 35,000 watering holes in total.

The first Asbo of its kind, Williams was charged for a string of thefts from night spots, pleading guilty to 12 counts of theft and one count of theft by finding. The playground "finders keepers" rule obviously doesn't apply in the eyes of the law. As well as the Asbo, Williams was sentenced to four years in prison, and four years extra for each count, running concurrently.

Of course, once Williams is back out on the streets, enforcing the ban will be extremely difficult. Unless each bar has his picture up above the till, it's unlikely his beer runs will be truly limited to Tesco's alcohol aisle. [Independent]

Image Credit: Interior of pub from Shutterstock