Amazon Fire TV is Now Available to Set UK TVs Alight

By Gerald Lynch on at

Amazon's hardware entry into the home TV streaming game, the Amazon Fire TV, is now finally available to buy in the UK after launching in the US back in April. After a short delay after first going on sale at the start of September, the box is now shipping to UK customers.

Reasonably priced at £79, it's loaded up with streaming apps including BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, Demand 5, Sky News and Curzon Home Cinema, as well as Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, YouTube. Using a quad-core processor and supporting Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, it's a powerful box with fast voice searching capabilities and the same "X-Ray" information tools as a Kindle device, letting you quickly get cast and crew information on whatever you're watching.

The box also doubles up as a capable Android games console -- though if you want to use Amazon's own game controller with it, that'll cost you a pricey £35 extra. The box also comes with a month's free access to Amazon's Prime services too. If you fancy taking the plunge, you can check out the Amazon Fire TV here.