Apple Digital Newspaper Patent Sounds Like a Roll-Up, Flexible Kindle

By Gerald Lynch on at

Could Apple be planning a roll-up ereader device to take on the Kindle? It's unlikely, considering the success it already has with the iPad, but a newly-uncovered patent filing at the very least suggests Apple wants to cover its bases as the industry looks to advance flexible screen technology.

Described like a single sheet of paper that could display "digital periodicals" on both sides, the bendy screen could receive magazine, newspaper or even advertising content over the same MMS systems that phones use to send photos over a mobile network. Filed late last year with Harry Vartanian cited as its inventor, the patent suggests the device could also harness Apple's iCloud servers to store and retrieve information from. As well as being a personal mobile reading device, there would be potential for the screen to be used in display advertising, with its flexible nature making it a perfect fit for places where fixed electronic displays wouldn't work.

Apple's not the first company to show an interest in this area -- both Plastic Logic and LG have each shown off prototypes similar to what's described in Apple's patent. [Patently Apple]

Image Credit: Innovations in Newspapers