Apple Killed the iPod Classic Because it Couldn't Get the Parts

By Gerald Lynch on at

Last month, Apple unceremoniously killed off the click-wheeling iPod Classic, leader of the digital music revolution and one of the most-loved Apple products of all time. The presumed reasons why seemed obvious -- sales were declining as more people began using their smartphones for the iPod Classic's singular music-playing purpose. But, speaking to the WSJ, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed a more surprising reason -- Apple simply couldn't get the parts it needed to keep making the MP3 player.

The iPod Touch is the heir apparent of course, but with smaller storage capacities than the iPod Classic and a battery-draining touchscreen, it's not an ideal alternative. It seems strange that the biggest tech company on the planet can't source parts, but it all probably comes down to margins -- the profits to be had are greater on the iPod Touch and iPhone lines, a point that's likely even more pertinent if Apple is having to pay inflated prices for components that no-one else wants anymore. [WSJ, Macrumors]