Apple Manager Says Bosses are on Call 24 Hours a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those lucky enough to have power careers at Apple don't exactly have it easy, with one former manager claiming he was expected to be on call permanently and could barely count on getting more than one uninterrupted hour a day to spend on important family/TV matters.

Speaking on the Debug podcast, Don Melton, Apple's former internet technologies director, said bosses would routinely work until 2.00am, with his only respite from being continually questioned coming when new episodes of the Sopranos were on air -- meaning his boss was watching TV and might leave him alone for a bit.

Melton confirmed reports that Apple execs rarely stop working, saying: "'s not just some PR person telling you stories to make you think that Apple executives work really hard like that. They really do that. I mean, these people are nuts. They're just, they are there all the time." [Debug via The Register]