Apple's 2014 iPad Event: All the News Right Here (Updated)

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, the silicon-charged circus that is an Apple iPad launch event draws to a close for another year. From a pair of new iPads to a Retina iMac, there was plenty to take in tonight.

And we've got it all here! From hands-on impressions to buying guides, if you're looking for all things iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 or Retina iMac, you'll find it here.

Apple's iPad Air 2 is Ready to Scan Your Fingers

Yeah, go on, stick a "2" on the end of it and lets call it a day. Read more >

Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Hands On: Thin When You're Winning

Thinner, lighter, less reflective, more fingerprinty. Read more >

The iPad Mini 3 is Real, and it's More Secure Than Ever

It hasn't been delayed until next year as people had feared, but Apple has kept remarkably quiet about what's included. Read more >

Apple Now Has a Retina iMac for Your Pixel-Porn Pleasure

Me eyes cannae take it, Cap'n! Read more >

Is a Finger Print Scanner and Anti-Reflective Screen Reason Enough for an iPad Air 2 Upgrade?

Where's the "one more thing" Tim? Huh? No? Oh...

Read More >

The Apple Watch Gets WatchKit SDK for App Developers

So you'll have something to fiddle with when the rival to's "cuff" eventually hits stores.

The New Mac Mini is the Most Energy Efficient Mac Ever

It's designed to exceed the Energy Star requirements by seven times. Read more >

A Fully Loaded iMac With Retina and All the Trimmings and Accessories Will Cost You £6,629

If you've just scored 10 grand on a scratch card, enjoy your new mega-machine! Read more >

Multi-Network Apple Sim is the Biggest iPad Air 2 News

They talked about an awful lot, but why did no one think to mention this juicy tidbit? Read more >

Where and When You Can Buy the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

The network deals are starting to trickle in, with EE and Three already announcing their prices. Read more >

Apple has announced that Apple Pay will launch in the US next Monday (20th) and will also offer functionality for in-app purchases. Still no word on a UK release date yet. Read more >

OS X Yosemite Launches Today, Tonight

It'll be available to download for free from the Mac App Store, complete with an updated Safari browser and iWork software suite in tow, totally free too. Read more >

You Can Stream Apple's October 16th iPad Event Here

You don't need to be in Cupertino to catch tonight's launch event -- here's how to stream the whole thing from the comfort of your living room. Read More >

It has just been revealed that iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have just had $100 (about £60) knocked off their price. Let's hope we see the same price-drop here in the UK. Read More>

iPad Air 2 Rumour Round-Up

So, just how close did the rumours come to Apple's actual launch plans? Read More >

Apple TV 2014: Everything We Think We Know

A look at the rumours surrounding the long-awaited update to Apple's TV "hobby" box. Read More >