Apple's Mapping Update Will Let You Get Lost Indoors Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though it's been slowly improving its Maps application, Apple's cartography attempts haven't exactly filled us with confidence on its ability to direct people around the world. Will it nail indoor directions perhaps?

That seems to be its hope. A patent filing uncovered by Cult of Mac shows that Apple intends to extend its mapping interests to interiors, using its iBeacons technology and low-energy Bluetooth. The app would be able to point a driver to a garage when outside, and then to a specific car parking spot inside. If in a shopping centre, a user could be directed to individual stores, as well as being offered deals and coupons related to its wares.

Of course, this is an area where Apple is still playing catch-up against Google, regardless of the quality of its maps elsewhere. While it's heartening to see Apple hasn't given up here, it'll take more than a few discount codes to get us to to jump back full-time to Apple Maps. [Cult of Mac]