At Least One Ewok is Returning for Star Wars: Episode VII

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Star Wars: Episode VII news has been rolling in thick and fast recently. Hot on the heels of an extensive, spoilerific concept art leak, it's now been confirmed that Warwick Davis, AKA Return of the Jedi's Ewok Wicket, will be making an appearance in J.J. Abrams's new film.

Though his Return of the Jedi role is Warwick's most memorable (and lengthy) Star Wars appearance, the 44-year old Brit-born actor actually popped up in Episode I: The Phantom Menace too. Not once in fact, but three times -- as Anakin Skywalker's pal Wald (the mini Greedo), as a pod racing spectator and as a citizen of Mos Espa.

So could Ewoks be making a return in the seventh film? Set after the events of Return of the Jedi, they'd be seen as intergalactic heroes, so their absence would be strange. Having said that, is there a more hated portion of the Star Wars universe than the Ewoks?

Oh yeah, Jar-Jar. Had put a mental block on that travesty.

But nonetheless, Ewoks aren't exactly fan-favourites (even if Davis himself is received warmly by all). Perhaps a quick cameo appearance for Wicket is on the cards, and hopefully nothing more than that.

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