Blackberry Decides That Ephemeral Messaging Will Save BBM

By Chris Mills on at

After a very brief stint at number one in Apple's App Store, Blackberry's much-vaunted BBM messaging service — previously hailed as the saviour of the entire company — is now languishing in 462nd place on the App Store. But never fear! Because Blackberry is going to turn its fortunes around, by Snapchat-ifying its messaging service.

In the new beta version of BBM, Blackberry has announced 'ultra-private' features, ensuring "what you share is yours to control – even once it's left your phone". Unless, of course, your friends have heard of screenshots, in which case you're screwed.

Blackberry Decides That Ephemeral Messaging Will Save BBM

The new features come in the form of a Snapchat-style timer, that can set your messages to expire after a certain number of seconds, and the ability to retract messages. Although the timer function certainly isn't anything new — even Apple has had time to put that feature into iMessages — the ability to retract messages could turn out to be handy. Have you ever sent something that you didn't mean to, only to wish you could claw it back?

Whether or not this will be enough to rescue a company that lost $84 million (£52m) last year remains to be seen. [Blackberry via The Next Web]