Britain's Drug Users are Under-Utilising the Internet

By Matt Hill on at

While the internet has freed us from actually dealing with other human beings in most of our daily transactions, there's one industry that appears to be giving the high street a, ahem, shot in the arm: drugs.

According to the Guardian's latest Great British Drugs Survey, just two per cent of Brits have chosen to swan down Silk Road for their pastime pick-me-ups, making it a (does quick maths) whopping 98 per cent who prefer to do business face-to-face.

We're guessing this is a privacy/web security/spot customs check thing. Indeed, reading further down the exhaustive list of stats, we see that nine in ten Brits have only scored from someone they know ("keep it secret, keep it safe"), with 65 per cent having no contact with their dealer whatsoever.

Yet there is hope for your modern-day, consumer-facing, online drugs lord. Some 16 per cent of current partakers now head online for their fix, while 45 per cent of those who buy drugs to sell do so online. Which is, erm, progress, of sorts.

The newspaper's survey sampled 1,080 adults from all over our fine lands, who were then interviewed by Opinium Research this summer via the rigorousness of an anonymous online questionnaire. [Guardian]

Image Credit: Smuggler (modified) from Shutterstock