BT YouView Boxes are Getting Netflix

By Gerald Lynch on at

Between the BT TV pay-per-view offerings, Now TV integration and YouView's own catch-up packages, BT YouView boxes are pretty well served when it comes to web-based programming. The future looks brighter still for owners of BT YouView boxes -- they're finally getting Netflix streaming, too.

Though the roll-out is yet to be announced, BT confirmed the addition in its second quarter financial results. With more information dropping "in the coming weeks", BT is also expected to offer the option of adding the cost of Netflix to your usual monthly bill, simplifying the billing process for new users (and probably adding that one additional step between cancelling a subscription for those that tire of Netflix after its free 30-day trial period.

TalkTalk is also rumoured to be offering a similar Netflix deal with its YouView boxes. But it's not yet clear whether off-the-shelf YouView set-top boxes will be getting the new streaming service too, as ISP billing may have been an important bargaining chip to getting Netflix onto YouView. [BT]