Buy a DVD or Blu-ray, Get an UltraViolet Digital Copy for Your Tesco Blinkbox Account

By Gerald Lynch on at

What with Tesco's shaky financials recently, its Blinkbox movies and music streaming service looked to be first to have its neck on the chopping block. But, proving there's life in the iTunes / Netflix competitor yet, it's just announced a neat new feature that will have your digital movie library swelling.

Any time you buy a DVD or Blu-ray that comes with an UltraViolet digital version, you'll now be able to associate that digital copy with your Blinkbox account, to take on the go on a mobile device to view whenever and wherever you choose, or playback on a console or PC. This isn't limited to just physical media purchases made in Tesco either -- wherever you see the UltraViolet logo, you can add that copy to your Blinkbox account. Create an Ultraviolet library, link it to your Blinkbox account and away you go. [Blinkbox]