Cloud-Compatible Hemingwrite Typewriter Can Set Your Thoughts Free

By Nick Cowen on at

You’ve got an idea for a heart-breaking work of literary genius. Of course you do. Everyone does. Then why haven’t you written it yet? It’s not because you’re lazy – oh no! – it’s because the modern method of writing (on your PC or Mac) contains too many distractions. The pattern is always the same; you tap up a couple of paragraphs and the next thing you know you’re arguing on Twitter or chatting on Facebook.

The answer to constant app and media distraction then, may lie in technology’s past.

The Hemingwrite may just be the solution to your problems. Crafted to look and feel like an old-school typewriter – complete with clacky-sounding keys - the Hemingwrite boasts a high contrast screen and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to Google Docs, Evernote and Cloud storage such as Dropbox. The device has been built from the ground up to return writers to the undistracted state needed to bang out a novel. It essentially cuts out the usual distractions budding novelists have and pares the experience of writing down to its old school roots.

It also has a six-week battery life, so once fully charged, you could take a page out of Jack Kerouac’s life and shove off to the great outdoors to craft your literary masterpiece in solitude. It also houses enough memory to reportedly store 1m + pages, so you don’t need to toss out old ideas in order to make room for new ones.

The fact that it looks quite gorgeous is simply the icing.

But, sadly, it's not available to buy yet, being an entrant in this year's Engadget Insert Coin tech design competition. If this sounds like a machine you're after, cast your vote for it over at the Engadget Insert Coin website, and maybe one day we’ll see it in the shops! [Hemingwrite]