Crisis Talks Over Next Week's Tube Strike are Underway

By Gerald Lynch on at

Dust off those running shoes and clean your bicycle spokes -- Londoners look likely to face yet another tube strike next week unless crisis talks today between the RMT union and Transport for London reach an amicable agreement.

The RMT has told its members not to turn up for shifts between 9pm next Tuesday (October 14th) and 8.59pm on Thursday (October 16th). The main issue remains the closure of ticket offices, which was the contentious point that caused mass tube staff walkouts back in April.

With London Underground and Mayor Boris Johnson meeting union members today, they will argue that the RMT is standing in the way of a modernised, more cost-effective tube service that has already seen the introduction of contactless payment options and will eventually include driverless trains -- a promise however that may take some time to bear fruit. [Standard]

Image Credit: Big Ben and London Underground Sign from Shutterstock