Dare You Sit in the Mouth of This Incredible Skull Chair?

By Nick Cowen on at

Okay, so we’re used to seeing weird and wonderful pieces of furniture but this Skull Chair on sale over Chic Sin Design is an eyeful even by our standards.

Constructed from polyester, a metal frame and a repurposed exercise ball, The Skull Chair may be the best Halloween impulse-buy of all time.

The way it works is simple; owners lift up the top jaw of the skull, which turns into a back-rest, and they can then plonk their backsides into its lower jaw. Yes, you sit in its mouth. There’s an infantile joke to be made there, but we’re above such things (no we’re not, you just couldn’t think of a decent one: ed.)

Some assembly is required, with the Skull Chair measuring 13.4” tall x 13.4” wide and 25.4” deep. It’s currently retailing at around £270 (before shipping) but is that too steep a price to pay for what will probably be the best conversation piece you ever purchase for your abode? [Etsy]