Designers Propose Bike Superhighway for London... in the Thames

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a novel way of dealing with London's exploding cyclist population -- dump them in the river. That's the idea being, ahem, floated, by a design think-tank, that's proposed a floating bike lane to span the city.

The scheme would see a seven-mile stretch of bike lane sitting just off the bank of the Thames, letting bikers hammer along at any speed they like without having to worry about white vans turning left at inopportune moments.

The Thames Deckway would run from Battersea to Canary Wharf, ideal for letting the middle-aged businessman of the near future get from his plush new flat to his office at maximum speed with minimum risk.

As with other outlandish and transformational project ideas, it just needs someone with an enormous amount of money the the political clout to get it made. [Dezeen via The Verge]