Dressing Your Bike Up Like a Car is the Perfect Way to Illustrate Who's Clogging the Road

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're on a long journey, or have a boot full of shopping or luggage, a car is indispensable. But when so many drivers jump into their cars for trips that could be reached just as easily on foot or by bike, it's easy to see why green campaigners get so worked up, and why our roads can become so congested.

Cyclists in Riga, Latvia, looked to hammer home the point of just how much space cars take up on their roads as part of International Car Free day. Building colourful, car-sized frames around their bicycles, they took on the city's rush hour crush, and caused a jam all of their own to illustrate how much congestion cars add to roads. The campaigners hope that the stunt will lead to the Latvian capital expanding its bike lane capacity...which will probably in turn increase congestion by eating into free-for-all road sizes. [Let's Bike It Campaign via City Metric]

Image Credits: VK/ Let's Bike It Campaign