Drive, The Coolest Movie of the Decade, is Getting a Trendy New Soundtrack Thanks to the BBC

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you seen Drive? If you haven't (and you're over 18 -- it isn't exactly a kids' film...) then drop what you're doing and put it on. It's the best crime film of recent times, and one of the coolest films ever, in my opinion at least.

A big part of what gives the film its edge is its soundtrack -- a slick mix of electro luminaries, including the likes of Kavinsky and Desire. Which is what makes a new BBC Radio 1 project quite exciting and interesting -- it's gathered together a collection of artists to re-score the soundtrack for a special BBC 3 screening of the film, set to be broadcast at 10pm on October 30th.

Chvrches, Foals, SBTRKT, Banks, Bastille and Laura Mvula will be among the musicians contributing, with Chvrches writing a brand new song for the special broadcast.

It brings to my mind the Donnie Darko: Director's Cut version. The theatrical cut of Donnie Darko was another movie that was helped defined by its soundtrack, but the director's cut made some significant changes to the songs that featured in it -- for the worse. It's worth keeping that in mind before settling down to watch this new version of Drive (especially if you've not seen the pitch-perfect original), but for budding filmmakers, expect it to be an interesting lesson on the importance of marrying music and video together effectively. [Independent]