Ebola in the UK is Inevitable says London Mayor Boris Johnson

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ebola will eventually, inevitably reach the UK, London Mayor Boris Johnson warned this weekend during an interview with the BBC.

With the first death on U.S soil as a result of the disease having occurred, and the first cases of the disease having been contracted within the US and Spain confirmed, the Conservative party member stated that any claims to the contrary from the government didn't really make sense.

“I have little doubt that eventually there will be a case of Ebola in this country and probably [London],” Johnson told the BBC.

Johnson also stated that airport efforts to screen those with the illness before allowing entry into western countries would be futile. Though Johnson's comments will likely alarm those that have been following the recent spread of the deadly disease, the Mayor attempted to calm fears by stressing that London and the UK's advanced preparations for controlling an outbreak were among the best in the world.

“All I can tell you is that to the best of my knowledge … we have fantastic preparations in London for this. We have very good health care in this city, considerably better, alas, than they have in Africa.” [BBC]

Image Credit: Boris Johnson from Shutterstock