EE Turns On London 4G+ Network to 'Double' Our Data Speeds

By Matt Hill on at

Part-time Kevin Bacon employer and full-time mobile-phone operator EE has pulled the lever on 4G+ in central London, saying its branded version of an LTE-Advanced network will double data speeds up to 150Mbps for users "with the right device".

In reality, this just equates to those lucky so-and-sos who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Alpha in their pockets, though a compatible "Cat6" variant of the Galaxy S5 is also coming later in the year. Others, too, we can only presume.

Using "carrier aggregation" tech, 4G+ combines the 1800MHz spectrum with a new 2.6GHz one that's now live in 150 sites across the capital, facilitating the new, spangly 4G+ for devices that can access two spectrums at once but also boosting dusty old 4G blowers thanks to increased capacity.

Now, of course, as anyone who's tried to use a mobile in central London will know, those 150Mbps peak speeds suggested are likely to be a rarity on a commute, but EE reckons we should hit 90Mbps pretty regularly, which if true is still pretty nippy. Off to run around the city like a lunatic "testing" it now, then, I guess. [EE]