Fabien Cousteau's 31 Days Living Under the Sea Sounds Like a Trip to an Alien World

By Gerald Lynch on at

We set our sights on the stars as the next great adventure for mankind, and yet we've only managed to explore 5 per cent of the world's oceans. Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau, lead a ground-breaking (and record-breaking) trip to the bottom of the ocean this summer, living for 31 days in a deep sea laboratory.

What he saw there was fascinating and, with the aid of modern photography equipment, he was able to supplement his research with eye-opening slow motion video clips of rarely-seen marine life. From the bullet-like punch of the mantis shrimp to the telescopic movements of "Christmas Tree Worms", it's all documented in a great TED talk, which you can view embedded below.

For Cousteau, the ultimate goal is to prove the feasibility of a city built beneath the sea. While fans of Bioshock or The Abyss may question whether or not that's such a good idea, those looking to explore an alien world may want to turn their attentions to these incredible sights a little closer to home. [TED (YouTube)]