Fiction's Best Business Cards Style Up Imaginary Boardrooms

By Matt Hill on at

Even fictional characters have their American Psycho moments. We're sure Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent gave each other some right evils over the copperplate writing and off-white colouring of their respective business particulars when they were in polite company and not quite able to suit up.

So corporate card magician Moo's rather funky interpretation of how such totally-not-really-existing-people would customise theirs is rather jolly. From otherworldly hidden identities to humdrum alter-egos, there are stylishly personalised efforts for Walter White, Soups and Batters, Dr Jekyll, Catwoman, and even a suitably ostentatious green number for The Wizard of Oz, all to show off the firm's new square-sized cardboard ego boosts.

What would you plaster yours with? No, not that… [Moo via Creative Bloq]