First Pigeon Feeding, Now Cigs Could be Banned in Trafalgar Square

By Matt Hill on at

A London Health Commission report is calling for smoking to be outlawed at major public squares such as Trafalgar and Parliament – and Mr Mayor, Boris J, says he's in support "if it would actually save lives".

Echoing New York's public smoking clampdown, cheeky cigs in the city's parks would also become a thing of the past if local councils followed suit and passed similar by-laws in support of the mayor.

Cancer surgeon and former health minister Lord Ara Darzi has put together the Better Health for London paper (catchy), which reckons some 1.2 million Londoners are packing a pack, with 67 of the capital's kids hitting the habit every day. The solution? A £6.5m scheme over the next five years. Good old schemes.

The big question, of course, remains unanswered: what about vaporisers? Won't somebody think of the vaporisers… [BBC]

Image Credit: KamiraShutterstock