Flight Attendants: America's New Personal Electronics Rules Suck

By Chris Mills on at

Frequent flyers in the US might be celebrating that they can finally keep playing Candy Crush during takeoff or landing, unlike us Brits, but flight attendants don't seem to be too happy about the new regulations. In fact, their biggest union is suing the FAA to change the rules back.

According to the WSJ, flight attendants (or at least their union) have a few main concerns: passengers have stopped listening to safety demonstrations (because, of course, we were always listening before); tablets are becoming projectiles during turbulence; and somehow electronic devices could apparently impede passengers' exit from a plane in case of emergency.

The union is challenging the FAA on legal grounds, claiming that this change in policy requires a "formal rule-making process", whereas the FAA says that it only needs to issue updated guidance. Despite that quasi-valid-sounding argument, it looks like the FAA might take this one: according to the New York Times, Judge Harrt T. Edwards told a union lawyer that "airlines have always had discretion on how to handle this".

And here were we, hoping the US was leading us to the promised land of always-connected in-flight technology. [WSJ]