Flying Car One Small Step Nearer Takeoff

By Gary Cutlack on at

Slovakian company AeroMobil has once again revealed its plans for a flying car of sorts, showing off version 3.0 of its supposedly aerial auto at the Pioneers Festival.

The latest plan for driving through the sky seems to be really quite far down the road to actually happening, as this is no mere render. It really works. There's a man in it and he's in the sky and there was nothing on the news about anyone dying in a flying car accident recently, so presumably it all worked.

Here's the announcement video, in which it drives out of a warehouse, down a road, unfolds it wings and...

...actually takes off! The problem being it seems to need a proper runway, and is more like a plane that can drive a bit than a car that can fly, so there's not really a huge amount of convenience on offer here unless you're super-rich and own a house large enough to have more than one runway. [Venture Beat]