Glasses Made From Recycled Vinyl Records: Cool, or Hipster?

By Chris Mills on at

Vinyl records and unnecessary, overly large eyeglasses: probably just below coffee shops and typewriters when playing the Hipster Word Association Game. If you've ever wanted to combine those two staples, look no further: Vinylize is a company that upcycles old LPs into eyeglasses for the ale-drinking masses.

So on the face of it, I want to hate these glasses, and write them off as the by-product of a broken society over-obsessed with Instagram and skinny jeans and fixies. You get the idea.

But on the other hand, there's something unremittingly, non-hipster cool about the simple, flat frames. With the cutout design, there's something reminiscent of the kind of cheap sunglasses you get at beach resorts, or the old red-and-green cardboard 3-D glasses taped to the front of magazines.

If you do eventually fall on the cool side of the fence, hope that at least you've got some cash to spare: the cheapest pair on the Vinylize e-store is $430 (£267). At that rate, you might be better off going it alone with a hacksaw and your Beatles back-collection. [Vinylize via Design Milk]