Go on a Surfing Safari with the Glassy One Pro Smartwatch

By Gerald Lynch on at

Is this the smartwatch form factor's literal "jump the shark" moment? Designed specifically for surfers, the Glassy One Pro is perhaps the most niche wearable we've ever seen.

Tracking swell height, number of waves ridden, surf speed and time spent since your last wipeout, the Glassy One Pro can handle the big kahuna waves that'd normally fry other smartwatches. Available in blue, black and green, the watch can also inform you of weather conditions in 6,000 locations, and has social sharing features if you can't wait to update your Twitter feed before returning to the beach.

Other than that, there's little to go on, as no detailed spec sheet has been made available. Up for pre-order at £189, it's set to ship in the endless summer of 2015. [Wareable]