Google Glass Addiction is a Real Thing, Apparently

By Gerald Lynch on at

Every time I've played with a Google Glass headset I've not been able to get it off my head quickly enough -- in its current incarnation, I find the device uncomfortable to use and to wear. But for some, it's truly becoming an extension of their bodies, to the point where at least one man living in the United States has become addicted to the futuristic specs.

San Diego doctors have identified the first known case of someone suffering from "Internet addiction disorder" brought on by Google Glass use. A 31-year old checked into the U.S. Navy's Substance Abuse Program for alcoholism treatment, where the doctors at the residential retreat noted that the man was making involuntary motions towards his temple, tapping it in much the same way you'd activate Google Glass.

The man revealed he was wearing his Google Glass headset for as long as 18 hours per day, and had become dependant on its assistance. He would become frustrated and irritated when separated from it, and would have dreams in which he would appear to be looking through the Google headset's lens. He was then treated with a 35-day program to ease his withdrawal symptoms for the headset. [Science Direct]