Google Now is Actually More Intelligent Than Siri and Cortana

By Tom Pritchard on at

You can say what you like, but the virtual assistants that are available are all essentially the same. They do searches, they set reminder, they tell us witty things when given the right command. But as it turns out they're not all totally equal, because some of them provide better answers than the others.

The folks over at Stone Temple Consulting decided to put the three assistants to the test by asking 3,000 voice queries and then recording the results. The questions covered a variety of topics and it turns out that Google Now came on top with a score of 88%. That's hardly surprising given that it's powered by Google's search engine.

Siri came in second at 53%, and Cortana came in last at 40 per cent. Surprisingly using Bing by itself provided more complete search results than Cortana, which means that Microsoft has a bit of work to do integrating Bing search into her programming.

Maybe if they spent less time teaching her Klingon they could sort that out. [Stone Temple Consulting via Ubergizmo]