Google Tried to Buy CyanogenMod

By Gerald Lynch on at

We love stock Android. We love the CyanogenMod. What if the two were to properly join forces? It's something that Google has considered, with the Android makers apparently approaching the CyanogenMod team with an aim to buying it outright.

The Information states that Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster told shareholders that his team had been approached by Google's SVP of Android, Sundar Pichai, with Google looking to acquire the company for an undisclosed sum. But McMaster seems to have even grander plans -- seeking a third round of funding, he's aiming for a $1 billion valuation for Cyanogen, and sees CyanogenMod eventually becoming the third most popular smartphone platform behind Android-proper and iOS. With Cyanogen partnered with OnePlus (and inking a new deal with Indian manufacturer Micromax), securing emerging markets is looking like a key part of that drive. [The Information via Droid Life]