Grow a Miniature Winter Garden With This Hanging Terrarium Lamp

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

Winter is upon us, and so is the death of our outdoor plants. Polish design studio Lightovo want to help you preserve a little slice of your garden throughout the winter using its handblown glass lamp called Milo. Think of it as a hybrid terrarium and pendant lamp.

The lamp fits just about any small potted plant, and it's designed for those that need extra sunlight. You can fill it with soil, sand, or simply an already-potted plant, and while an LED is no replacement for the actual sun, Lightovo says the bulb will give your plants a little extra kick. While most LED growlight users recommend using a blue or red shade based on how particular plants absorb light, the designers paired the glass orb with a 4000K bulb (the shade closest to actual daylight) so it could double as a functional lamp for humans as well as plants.

It's unclear whether it's really the best way to give your plants a little help in the sunlight department, but it's definitely one of the best-looking. [Lightovo]