Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mixtape is Headed to Your Cassette Walkman

By Gerald Lynch on at

There was lots to love about Guardians of the Galaxy, the smartest, funniest and best-looking summer blockbuster for some time. It was also one of the best-sounding movies of recent times, and that was in no small part thanks to its excellent soundtrack.

It's an integral part of the film, with the space rogue Peter "Star Lord" Quill playing the songs from his "Awesome Mix Vol. 1." to help him remember his late, earthbound mother. And soon, you'll be able to buy a copy of the cassette too, complete with "hand-written" tracklisting.

A limited edition item being released to coincide with Record Store Day, it's the first cassette that Disney has put out since 2003, with the movie's memorable sonic appearances from The Runaways and 10CC featuring across its 12 tracks. Disney's not said how many of the cassettes it is sending to shops, but, mercifully, if you don't have a Walkman anymore it'll also come with a digital download version of the compilation. [Record Store Day]