Hackers Breach White House's Unclassified Computer Network

By Matt Hill on at

The White House just admitted that its unclassified computer network has been hacked.

The suspicious system shenanigans, called an "activity of concern" by one White House official, were said to have happened in the last few weeks but had been dealt with at the time. The NSA and FBI are now said to be investigating, but the White House refused to comment on suggestions that Russia was behind it.

Added security measures since the hack are reported to have left President Obama's staff facing temporary network shutdowns and intermittent access to the intranet, which, let's be honest, is never a bad thing.

"Traditional security solutions are continually being left wanting as advanced exploits, social engineering and other complex attacks develop too fast," Chris Boyd, Malware Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes, told us.

"Large organisations, particularly those in sensitive areas, need to combine advanced countermeasures with frequent staff training to ensure the best possible defence against this relentless progression in attacks.”

He's not wrong. Indeed, National Security Council meetings have had their locations shifted constantly since October. Take that hackers.

No clue on the who, what, when, whys or what-they-got-while-they-were-in-theres yet, though. [Washington Post via Guardian]

Image Credit: White House at Shutterstock