The Gizmodo Hub O' Halloween Tech, Trivia and Tat

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Lock the doors, leave the lights on, grab a stake and load your shotgun: the witching hour of Halloween is nearly upon us. Whether you're dressing up for a rancid rave or steeling yourself against a heart-attack-inducing horror marathon while annoying kids grubby your door frame, there's something for every ghoul in Gizmodo's Hub O' Halloween.

We'll be popping freshly-blood soaked posts into here for the next few days, so keep checking back -- if you live that long, that is... *cue Thriller fade-out*

This Essential Netflix Horror Marathon Guide Will See You Through Halloween

Let us fine-tune your Devil's Night viewing with hot links to the only scary Netflix streams worth your time. It's like the Radio Times but with, like, blood and stuff. Read more >

The First Feature-Length Oculus Rift Film is Perfect Poop-Your-Pants Halloween Viewing

Oculus Rift has its first ever feature-length movie, The Banshee Chapter, a horror movie just in time for an immersive Halloween scare. Get the spare pair of pants at the ready. Read more >

DNA Naming Error Puts Jack the Ripper Forensic Discovery in Doubt

Finally convinced yourself that Polish immigrant barber Aaron Kosminski was absolutely, definitely, for the last time of asking, Jack The Ripper of Whitechapel because DNA evidence told you so? Well, this just in: he probably wasn't. Read more >

A £90,000 Anti-Zombie Cabin is Your Best Bet to Stay Safe on Halloween

The zombie apocalypse is real—and imminent. Fortunately, Tiger Log Cabins is on your side with a state-of-the-art, high-tech Zombie Fortification Cabin. Because those goddamn trick-or-treaters zombies never stood a chance. Read more >

These The League of Gentlemen Vinyl Toys Will Make Perfectly Creepy Halloween Decorations

You might not be able to buy them in a local shop, for local people (yet!) but these Vinyl The League of Gentlemen figurines would make superb fright-night decorations. Read more >

How to Make DIY Flaming Pumpkins for Halloween

If you want to add some burning heat to your Haunted House and/or burn some costumes off, watch this video that shows you how to make a flaming pumpkin. It's really easy. Like shockingly easy. Read more >

This Creepy Halloween Ad From Ikea is Just Perfect, Danny

This ad from Ikea Singapore, promoting its late-night shopping hours, is one of the best Halloween ads I've ever seen. You have to watch the whole thing. Read more >

Smartphones Turn These Masks Into Incredible Animated Halloween Costumes

These amazing Halloween masks come to life with nothing but a smartphone running a free app, slotted into a neat groove. Best thing on the planet ever? Read more >

Give Up Now, This Alien Human Pilot Mask Already Wins Halloween

You can go ahead and scrap your plans for that 'hilarious' bent iPhone costume you've been planning, we've already clearly got a winner in this incredible creation. Read more >

Drunk Man Fined for Going "Woooo" in a Cemetery

Careful what you say when you been boozing this Halloween: a man pretending to be a ghost in a cemetery was recently fined a total of £75, after some drunken hijinks. Read more >

Jaw-Dropping Proof That NASA Rocket Scientists Carve the Best Pumpkins

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab holds a pumpkin-carving competition every year and the results, and the carving techniques, are exactly what you'd expect from the geniuses who landed the rovers on Mars: incredible. Read more >

Five Creepy, Scary, Awesome Things You Never Knew About Blood

Here are some of the weirdest and wildest things that have happened in the world of blood. Read more >

Trousers Made From the Skin of a Human Corpse Are the Must-Have Halloween Costume (NSFW)

Try as you might, your Halloween costume will never be as fucked-up as this Icelandic pair of Necropants -- yep, they're made of real human skin, in line with ancient Icelandic traditions. Read more >

A PVC Air Cannon is Perfect for Scaring Trick or Treaters

You could make crazy DIY Halloween decorations to scare the creeps out of trick or treaters in your neighbourhood, but that's a bit boring. Get the blighters with a shocking shot of air to the face. Read more >

Scare Trick-or-Treaters Senseless With a Shrieking MP3 Doorbell

Here's how to replace your boring doorbell tone with a scary-sounding MP3, so you can announce a visitor with an instrument of terror. Read more >

The World's Largest Pumpkin Carving is Also the Most Impressive

When you carve your creation this Halloween, try and keep it simple. Because no matter how good you are at carving you won't be able to match this 537-kilo mega pumpkin. Read more >