Hey, I'm New Here – What's Good?

By Matt Hill on at

So it’s been two days. I am jet lagged from chasing “ghosts” in New Orleans. My assorted ‘desk stuff’, from Chinese worry balls to a Tomytronic Thundering Turbos I picked up on a whim on eBay, is still boxed up around me. Oh, and I appear knee-deep in what seems to be an underground green-tea ring that someone was running.

But, give or take an IT permission or two, I am what you could accurately call “editor of Gizmodo UK”. Nice to meet you all, how’s the draft beer? Are the sofas comfy? What’s a new guy to do around town, then? Is Gerald’s Chicken Soup fit for public consumption?

Every job always feels new, but from where I’m sitting, Gizmodo is a unique site in a sometimes unfathomable sea of SEO ships, cherry-picking the most thought-provoking, visually arresting and mirth-inducing stories from technology and its fringes specifically for a cherished cabin crew, not the flotsam of afar. It’s a curation, an edit, a community, i.e.: something of a rarity.

As someone who cut his teeth working on magazines for years before shifting into digital, Gizmodo is a clubhouse success story that’s always given me a warm glow. And as someone once dubbed the “acceptable face of geek” by a previous editor (I’ve still to work out if that was a compliment), it’s just a bit exciting/daunting to have the responsibility to continue it.

I’ve chatted with a fair few of you already thanks to the AMA Kat set up before she scampered off to the sunshine – hey Mr T, how’s the Xbox? *japes* – but just wanted to re-introduce myself while I’m still finding my feet. Quick “me” recap: ex-editor of that them there tech mag T3, Game & Watch collector, Architects’ Journal alumnus, dEUS obsessive, liker of manchego (the cheese, not the wrestler) and Moby Dick Lego. Think that’s the important stuff, but feel free to pry further.

So as well as this Spiels acting as a call to arms for more of your own columns – one of my favourite parts of the site and one I’d be keen to reignite right now if you’re up for it – I’d like to also hear about what you like and, of course, don’t like around these parts. The topics of interest, the eye-catching features, the “stuff that used to be really good, so why don’t you do it any more?”

Be thoughtful, be honest, be nice. As I say, I’m new here – and new kids, as ever, are keen to make new friends. I’ll be checking in this afternoon for questions, advice and recommendations. I trust you’ve got some places to go they don’t list on no maps…

Matt is the new editor of Gizmodo UK. He likes rum, cats and uncomfortably loud music.

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