Huawei's Honor 6 Promises to be a Two-Dayer on a Single Charge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Huawei's trying several new tricks with its latest Honor smartphone, including selling it direct, trying to hide the Huawei name, and stuffing a large 3,100mAh battery inside it to try to win over those fed up with only getting two-thirds of a day out of their mobiles.

The Honor 6, which Huawei seems to be using to launch Honor as a brand all of its own, combines a 5-inch display with dual cameras (13MP and 5MP), 3GB of RAM and Huawei's own quad-core chipset, using a  3,100mAh capacity battery to offer what Huawei's laboratory tests claim to be a two-day battery life.

In one further interesting twist, it's also selling it direct right now -- or at least through Amazon -- where it can be ordered for £249. Although, in a slight launch day glitch, it's currently out of stock. [Honor]