Inside the Cockpit of Darpa's Awesome Missile-Dodging Buggy

By Omar Kardoudi on at

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne would feel at home inside DARPA's GXV-T missile-dodging superbuggy. This video shows how the Pentagon's research arm wants the cockpit to be: closed, with high-definition touch screens providing wide-angle visibility and displaying combat information in augmented reality. It's really impressive.

  • A closed cockpit that would use visualisation technologies to provide high-definition, wide-angle visibility of external conditions.
  • Path planning that would display optimal routes.
  • Sensors that would use a variety of technologies to visualise surroundings and identify and track allies and adversaries.
  • Terrain classification that would evaluate surroundings for optimal travel surfaces.
  • Autopilot capabilities that would automate routine driving tasks to enable drivers to focus on more strategic activities.