iOS 8 Moans Turn to Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new batch of iOS 8 moans in town, with new complaints about poor Bluetooth connectivity joining the existing collection of iOS 8 problems reported by upgraders.

This time, the problem surrounds Bluetooth connectivity, with users complaining that phones with iOS 8 onboard can connect to in-car hardware via Bluetooth but are then unable to place calls. Some can fix the pairing issue by rebooting the phone (and/or car), but others are completely failing to get a useful BT connection.

The masses of different car audio systems out there makes tracking down exactly what's happening quite tough, but this, and other complaints about problems connecting to Bluetooth speakers, does make it look like there's something not quite right somewhere inside the iOS 8 Bluetooth options. [MacRumors via Techradar]