Is a Finger Print Scanner and Anti-Reflective Screen Reason Enough for an iPad Air 2 Upgrade?

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, that was a little...underwhelming? Sure, the iPad Air 2 is thinner, golder and a little easier on the eyes thanks to its anti-reflective screen than its predecessors. And a Touch ID scanner might be useful for those that can't remember a four-digit pin (the same people that would struggle to remember their own names no doubt). But is that really it? No "one more thing", eh Tim?

Perhaps it was that classic case of expecting too much from an Apple event -- we really did think there'd be some sort of Apple TV announcement, given the "It's Been Way Too Long" strapline for the event invite. The Retina iMac announcement scratched that itch a little, but still didn't provide anything truly surprising. And the iPad Mini 3 is genuinely disappointing -- pick up the 16GB model and literally the only thing separating it from last year's model is the addition of the Touch ID sensor.

If anything, the most interesting news was that of Apple's own multi-network Sim card option. It could mark the end of the traditional contract, but was completely brushed over during the event.

So what did you make of it all? Have we just been spoilt by truly exciting Apple launches of old? Was this eighty-odd minutes of peacocking, or a seriously slick showcase for some significant additions to Apple's increasingly-busy 2014 line-up? I think you know where I stand, but the floor's now yours. Fire away in the comments section below.

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