St Pancras International is the Worst Station for Mobile Reception

By Tom Pritchard on at

Global Wireless Solutions carried out a number of tests using EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone to see what phone signal was like coming in and out of London's most popular commuter routes. Testers at the ultra-modern, Eurostar-toting St Pancras International station experienced 99 failures on average. Radlett, the next worst, only experienced 53.

For commuters travelling in and out of the station Three is your best bet for calls, Vodafone for 3G, and EE for 4G. But despite that apparent success it turns out that Vodafone, O2, and EE are still heavily relying on 2G signal to deal with commuter's internet needs. That's really not good, if we can't get decent signal going into the capital how the heck are we going to get it in less populated areas?

If you'd like to see all the data in a little bit more detail there is an interactive map for you to have a gander at and see the details for yourself.

Featured image: Getty via The Telegraph