.klatz is a Smart Bracelet That Transforms Into a Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

While certain watches have tried to put a phone into a smartwatch, how successful they have been with that is up for debate. Speaking into your wrist may have looked cool in a James Bond film, but in reality it makes you look a bit like a nutter. That's not to say you won't look like a nutter using .klatz.

In simple terms, .klatz is a smart bracelet/watch that can be used to make phone calls. But rather than keeping it attached to your wrist when you make a call, .klatz unclips and transforms into a phone handset. By transforms, I of course mean that it unfolds.

The LCD screen on the bracelet displays the time and caller ID for you, as well as giving you control over your music and notifications. The creators also claim that the 600 mAh battery is able to last 10 days, more than any other smartwatch on currently the market. If that's not enough, then energy saving mode will apparently keep it going for a whole month.

.klatz is compatible with all major phone systems, including Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but if you want notification alerts you'll be stuck with Android and iOS. It's currently on Indiegogo seeking funding, and you can get your own for $114 (£71, including shipping) ready for shipping next March. If you choose to wait you may end up having to pay the full $154 (£96) and waiting until April.

It certainly looks like a very bizarre device, and it's not clear whether or not it will take calls when it's not connected to your smartphone, but I suppose it beats having to dig your phone out of your bag right? [Indiegogo]