Leaked Droid Turbo Manual Shows a Super-Powered Motorola Smartphone

By Darren Orf on at

We're anticipating a giant-sized, Moto X-inspired Nexus 6 any day now from Google's camp, but new leaks appear to confirm the new Droid Turbo with an impressive amount of smartphone engineering from Motorola.

So what new superpowers does the Droid Turbo lord over its Moto X (2014) predecessor? This leaked user manual from MotoFirmware doesn't leave much to the imagination. Not only does it give a complete tour of the device it also confirms some of its premium specs including a 21-megapixel camera and a 5.2-inch "ultra high definition" display. The Droid Turbo will also come with all of Motorola's convenient software additions like Moto Assist, Moto Actions, and Moto Voice.

While this is almost certainly headed to a US network, what with Verizon featuring in the manual, it is not completely ridiculous to think that Motorola may spread their wings to sell the phone in the UK. Looking at the specs, would you be wanting the Droid Turbo? [MotoFirmware via Droid Turbo]