Let's All Review The Apprentice's Wearable Tech Episode

By Matt Hill on at

So, everyone's favourite middle management computer simulation game The Apprentice is back on the Beeb with a bang.

When we say "bang", of course, we mean with two teams so impressively lacking in talent that one named its team Decadence, without knowing exactly what that meant (and was subsequently nudged forcefully to change it to the far-more-conventionally-crap Tenacity), and the other seems to have found a home for former David Beckham waxwork David Bentley. These are the country's best business minds, people.

Which makes the prospect of yet another episode tonight, where the two rag-tag besuited armies are now thrown into the world of wearable technology, all the more dizzyingly exciting. The ideas to be pitched to retailers? A "high-tech" jacket and a sweatshirt with a video camera in, according to the latest BBC press release. Fiendish.

Not ones to look a gift TV horse in the mouth (Mr Ed?), we're going to tune in to BBC One at 9pm again and do a little light reviewing – and we'd be honoured if you'd join in. Bookmark this page, or just remember it if you have mad skills, and give us your feedback on their creations – in real time, or after the event.

Where did they go wrong? What did they get right? What would you have done? The Gizmodo hive mind should have this wearable malarkey licked in no time and the best ideas/feedback/merciless mocking will be published next to our review tomorrow morning.

Image Credit: BBC