LG's New Smartphone Display Has the World's Thinnest Bezel at 0.7mm

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The best way to maximise the screen size on a smartphone without turning it into a massive phablet is to whittle away as much of the wasted space around the display as possible. And with its new 5.3-inch full HD LCD panel, LG has managed to reduce the size of the display's bezel to just 0.7mm — that's thinner than a credit card.

In order to shave the bezel so incredibly thin, LG used what it's also claiming is the world's first 'Advanced In-Cell Touch' technology, which sees the display's touch panel embedded into the LCD module, reducing the need for area around the panel to secure the two together were they separate components.

LG's New Smartphone Display Has the World's Thinnest 0.7mm Bezel

And instead of using double-sided tape to attach the LCD to its circuitry and backlight, LG now uses an adhesive that not only results in a thinner bezel, but also helps block light leakage, keeps it water and dust-proof, and actually improves durability as the glue hardens over time. The new display technology is win-win when it comes to price too, since it's actually cheaper for LG to produce, meaning we'll certainly be seeing these new displays used in upcoming smartphones sooner rather than later. [LG]