Logitech's New iPad Keyboard Hides Mechanical Keys in a Spill-Proof Skin

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Cleaning up after a spill is made even worse when your toppled drink also destroys your keyboard. So it looks like Logitech has removed the waterproof keyboard from its iPad cases and turned it into a standalone wireless unit, called the Keys-To-Go, which is designed to work with your iOS devices, Apple TV, and of course your Macs should you not trust yourself with Apple's own keyboards.

Logitech's New iPad Keyboard Hides Mechanical Keys in a Spillproof Skin

Reminiscent in appearance of the Touch keyboard used with Microsoft's Surface tablets, the Keys-To-Go actually wraps a full set of mechanical keys in a water- and dust-proof skin so that your touch-typing experience isn't compromised. It's also available in three colours for the style conscious, has a set of dedicated iOS shortcut keys across the top, and will run for about three hours on a full charge courtesy of a built-in microUSB port.

At £54.99 it's priced to go head-to-head with Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, except Logitech's Keys-To-Go seems like an all-around better solution for travelling or home use. It's thinner than Apple's offering, and those Doritos crumbs can be easily wiped away when you're sprawled out on the sofa watching Apple TV. [Logitech]