Lost Orson Welles Film Could Arrive in 2015

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Other Side of the Wind could be an unlikely addition to the list of 2015 blockbusters, with plans suggesting the unfinished film of directing great Orson Welles could finally be assembled and released.

Welles shot the film on and off between 1970 and 1976, with a 45-minute work print the closest he got to completing it in his lifetime. Now, Welles collaborator Frank Marshall is thought to have helped sort out the mass legal issues surrounding the rights to Welles' footage with his estate, opening up the possibility of a release next year -- in time to celebrate what would've/could've been the man's 100th birthday.

It would go some way to ending his career in a fitting manner, as the stats show that the last movie he worked on was 1986 non-epic Transformers: The Movie, for which he provided the voice of Unicron. [NYT via Variety]

Image credit: Orson Welles from Shutterstock